Sadhan Practitioner Membership

Sadhan Practitioner Membership

Amitabh Vatsya is on a mission to democratise investing for retail investors. For that he started a YoutubeChannel in 2020 and named it as Sadhan meaning medium or vehicle a medium to transform a retail investor into an Intelligent investor. Since then we have publish over 100 educational videos and explained various methods to look at stocks. We are happy to report that Amitabh Vatsya has found 37 multibaggers using his proprietary techniques which he is willing to share in an Intensive Course ! Investor needs to hold investment with patience and until they develop conviction, it is difficult to hold a winner stock. Sadhan Membership helps in building Conviction to hold winner stocks through interactive webinars, Ask Me Anything Sessions , Community discussions etc.

Benefit of Sadhan Membership

Course Fee

Rs 14,999 (1 year)

Rs 24,999 (2 years)

Rs 39,999 (3 years)

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