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Here’s why you should subscribe to ‘Follow My Portfolio’

Save time on researching stocks and utilise it for your business/ job/ family

Get access to my well-researched stocks’ portfolio

Receive timely updates when there is any change (buy/sell) in the portfolio

In this service, you will get the following

  • My personal portfolio details

    Subscriber will get the updated list of the stocks I am holding in my portfolio (refer FAQ #10).

  • Allocation and buying range of each stock in my portfolio

    ‘Follow My Portfolio’ service will mention percentage I have allocated to each stock in my portfolio. If there is any change in the allocation, the same will be updated to the subscriber through email.

    Subscribers will get to know the following for each stock in my portfolio:

    • First Buy Date
    • Latest Buy Date
    • Lowest Buy Price
    • Highest Buy Price
  • Alerts on buy, sell and hold on your email

    We will send you emails with alerts on transactions in my portfolio. This will include buying the existing stocks in the portfolio (which I usually do once in a month or once in two months).

    The second kind of alerts will include buying a new stock, or selling an existing stock or moving a stock from ‘Buy’ category to ‘Hold’ category or vice-versa. ‘Hold’ means that you have to neither buy nor sell this stock. Just hold the current investment in your portfolio.

    Please note that the second kind of alerts mentioned above should be expected to be minimal (as low as ‘zero in a year’), as I do not believe in churning frequently (refer FAQ #2, #6, #7 & #10).

  • Research reports of the stocks in my portfolio

    You will get the research reports of the stocks in my portfolio. The updated research reports will be shared once a year once all the annual reports are out.

The details of stocks in My current portfolio will be shared in the following format:

Sl no Stock My Allocation (%) First Buy Date Latest Buy Date Lowest Buy Price Highest Buy Price Avg Buy Price Return
1 ABC Ltd xx% dd-mm-yy dd-mm-yy xx xx xx x%
2 DEF Ltd xx% dd-mm-yy dd-mm-yy xx xx xx x%
3 GHI Ltd xx% dd-mm-yy dd-mm-yy xx xx xx x%
4 JKL Ltd xx% dd-mm-yy dd-mm-yy xx xx xx x%

After closure of the month , I will send exclusive Premium Newsletter discussing my rationale of buying new stocks and selling old stocks, as the case may be ! This letter will encapsulate the updated portfolio with complete profile so that member can take a stock in one go.

  • Alerts on buy, sell and hold on your Whatsapp

I will send you whatsapp message with alerts on transactions in my portfolio. This will include buying the existing stocks and newly identified stocks in the portfolio. Member will receiving Bought & Sold alert on with Price and Conviction level on real time basis with Amount , Stock Name , Purchase Price, Horizon & Conviction in the below mentioned format For Example If I bought 20 nos of HLE Glascoat at Rs 700 and I am Highly convinced about stock performance and holding it for Long term then you will receive a message in this format

For Example If I bought 20 nos of HLE Glascoat at Rs 700 and I am Highly convinced about stock performance and holding it for Long term then you will receive a message in this format

Amount Price Stock Investing Horizon Conviction
20 700 Alkyl Amine LT SC

Reference :Conviction

SC: Strong Conviction

MC : Medium Conviction

LC : Low Conviction

Reference : Timeline

LT : Long Term( above 3 year)

MT : Medium Term( 1/2 yr to 3 yr)

ST: Short Term ( upto 6 months)

If member have an existing portfolio and if she/he wants an independent review of his/her holdings by Amitabh Vatsya then she/he can share portfolio details in an email directed to where I shall provide my view on some/all of the stocks (as the case may be) to the best of my ability within 10 days of receiving the email.

Important Notes

Key points of this service:

  • It is an information service and not an advisory or research service. In it we intimate subscribers about our portfolio allocation and transactions. We do not provide any portfolio advisory, portfolio allocation and creation, stock selection, stock buying targets, selling targets, financial planning etc. as a part of the “Follow My Portfolio” Service.
  • We do not discuss portfolio stocks or provide any research report on them. I discuss my views/findings on the stocks on Sadhan (www., these stocks may or may not form part of my portfolio.
  • Please note that we disclose the stock positions of my family (my wife and I) in monthly Follow My Portfolio newsletter
  • There is no provision of any refund or the cancellation of the service during the period of subscription.
  • As soon as you pay, you will get an email to download ‘Follow My Portfolio’ Newsletter. You should reply to the email with your WhatsApp mobile number !
  • Please add our email ID:  in your email contacts so that Gmail/other email providers do not filter our emails as promotions/social/spam.
  • Sometimes Gmail sends our emails into the “Promotions” section of the inbox. If this is the case with you, drag our email and drop it on the “Primary” tab. Gmail will ask whether you wish to get all our future emails in Primary section, then please click “Yes”. Henceforth, all our emails will get delivered to inbox in the “Primary” section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. This  service  is not an investment advisory, but an informational service, where Amitabh Vatsya discloses his personal Stock Portfolio .

I take a bottom-up approach using fundamental analysis, to shortlist stocks in my portfolio. I am a passive investor, that is, I do not churn my stocks frequently. I would like to hold them for as long as possible. As far as they meet the selection criteria, I would like to keep buying them in my portfolio or place them on hold.

I have a set of criteria list (filtering process), based on which I shortlist stocks. Out of more than 5,000 companies listed in India, I end up having only 30-40 stocks once the filtering process is complete.

I further initiate extensive research on these 30-40 and end up with anywhere between 6-9 stocks in my portfolio.

No this service is not a financial planning service nor it involves managing portfolio or advicing on portfolio creation ! here is a link where I have explained my Portfolio Construction process


I usually have 40 -50 stocks in my portfolio. I follow Core Portfolio & Satellite Portfolio approach. My Core Portfolio includes ~20 stocks, but this may change in future.

“कोई नया stock बताओ”

(suggest a new stock)

This is a common curiosity amongst investors.

But finding a new stock which is fundamentally strong cannot be a frequent activity.

Reason is simple: Can you figure out a new business to start every few weeks/months, in which you will spend your time, money and efforts?

Not realistic, right?

Same is with Stocks.. there is a business behind each stock..!!

We have been passive in our investments for many years now and wish to remain as passive as possible going forward as well.

This has worked for us very well, in terms of generating sustainable returns.

Investments are meant to be boring. Entertainment and excitement have got a cost.

When asked how long should you hold a stock, Warren Buffett replied, “Our favourite holding period is forever.” He added, “if you do not feel comfortable owning a stock for 10 years, you shouldn’t own it for 10 minutes.”

Another relevant quote here is from Paul Samuelson “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.”

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