First Hand Course on Finance

1 Month intensive course with live classes on weekend

Never forget the 6-foot-tall man who drowned crossing the stream that was 5 feet deep on average. Basing your investment decision on second hand knowledge is dangerous.You need more First Hand Knowledge to base your decisions on.

Welcome to “First Hand Finance Course” from Sadhan !

Understand the nuances of:

  1. Profit & Loss Statement (with case studies)
  2. Balance sheet (with case studies)
  3. CashFlow Statements (with case studies)
  4. Sadhan Analysis Excel (integrated with
  5. How to Spot Frauds (with case studies)
  6. Key Ratios to analyse businesses

Course fee: Rs 3999 only

Date & Time: Sept-25, Oct-2, 9 & 16, 11:30 a.m. onwards + 3 hours of recorded video content + 4 case studies

Venue: TeachMint Platform

Registrations close at 2 p.m. on 24th Sept. Access to the recording will be given within 24 hours after the live session!

Sadhan Mentorship Program-3

3rd Batch starting From December 3, 2023 !

“If you do not know who you are then the stock market is an expensive place to find out”

-Adam Smith

These words, spoken in 1723 are a timely reminder that stock prices can fall much faster than they can rise, hence the role of temperament becomes much much important. And temperament cannot be taught , but it can be learnt.

It can be learnt by observation! Virendra Sehwag used to say he learnt most when he started opening up with Sachin Tendulkar ! He learnt by watching him bat from the other side of the pitch !

Welcome to Sadhan Mentorship Program, If you want to learn investing not by recorded videos but in a LIVE Action packed programme where you will have access to my decision making tools, access to my complete portfolio as well as can question my investment decisions so that you can also develop your own investment framework like I did. And all of this not just by watching from the fence but actually investing with me, interacting with me !

It is a WEEKEND ONLY LIVE Workshop based Program! You will get access to Recorded Lectures on a platform provided by us !

Under this mentorship program you will gain excess to :

1. Customised Excel Tool integrated with ( saves time)

2. 20+ hours of Foundation Video content to step up your investment journey step by step

Investors toolkit

Financial Statement Analysis

How to read Annual Report

Basics of stock market

3. 25 live Zoom classes (every fortnight) covering

How to generate stock ideas

How to develop second order thinking

How to identify sustainable moat

How to identify Red Flags

How to conduct scuttlebutt

Simplifying Macro Factors, Market Cycles

My research hacks

Investment Checklist

Mistakes to avoid while investing

How to conduct management quality check

Art of Valuing a stock

Margin of safety

How to build your portfolio

3 Investment classics( The Intelligent Investor, Common Stock & Uncommon Profit ) with case studies

How to monitor your investment

Behaviour finance, biases and how to avoid them

How to identify next multibagger

Art of Selling: When to Sell

4. 25 Classes on continuous weekend

5. 5 Sectoral webinars

6. Your Investment Framework

7. Access to My Portfolio

8. All Benefits under Complete Sadhan Membership (Including every fortnightly ask me anything session)

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

-Warren Buffett

You can derive an infinite value from the mentorship as it is totally up to you to learn and grow, because I believe in sharing whatever I can to all and the testimony of this is Sadhan and if you track us then you know that I have invested in 22 publicly disclosed Multibaggers (Apart from 15+ more undisclosed ones). Here are some of the portfolio stock we invested in past !

22 Stocks with 100% Returns identified using Sadhan Investment Framework !

Course Fee

The fee of this one year program is Rs 39,999 only !

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3. Bank Transfer

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