How to Identify Moat?

An essential component of Warren Buffett’s investment strategy is his focus on what he calls “moats.” In business, a moat refers to a competitive advantage that allows a company to earn outsized profits. Like its namesake—a water-filled ditch—Buffett’s moat refers to a defensive barrier, but instead of protecting a castle, it helps prevent a company’s profits from being eroded by competitors.

Identifying businesses that have moats is central to Buffett’s strategy, and his advice to company managers is to focus their efforts on making moats deeper and wider. However, not all moats look the same, and evaluating a moat’s durability can be challenging.

How to find Moat?

At Sadhan, we have solved this question using Quantitative Tools. This is a ready to use excel template giving color coded answer to this all important question i.e. It Gives a GREEN Signal if 7 out of 9 parameters are in line with Warren Buffett’ Benchmark.

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