Sadhan Membership

Sadhan Membership

Now we are 12500+ family on Youtube now ! Thanks a lot for your support and love on Sadhan .This association has resulted in 20+ multibaggers for me and likewise for thousands of our subscribers ! Here comes a shorten list of multibaggers stocks picked by Sadhan and shared on Youtube channel so that retail investor get Quality Research, which I developed over 10 years of banking/ corporate experience with House of TATA, ICICI, L&T,Hero & 8+ Years of intense Investing Experience in personal capacity)

But stock picking is just 20% of investing ! you need to hold your investment with patience and an until you develop conviction it is difficult to hold a winner stock and allow it to be multibagger. Here we can help retail investors with this offering called Sadhan Membership where you not just get stock names but you also know my SKIN in the GAME as I put my mind and money both on these scrips. Apart from my Investment Thesis, I also transfer my “Conviction” on these stocks so that one can hold it till it creates wealth for him/her.

Benefit of Sadhan Membership

If you also want to be a disciplined investor like me then it would be FAR EASIER if you FOLLOW someone who have walked on this path and willing to share his unconstrained investment thesis/ antithesis when the time is just right to act and hence for you to follow and clone.

Under this service, member get access to Amitabh Vatsya current portfolio with live feed of his transactions on his/ her whatsapp. The Membership includes a monthly/ bimonthly interaction over zoom call detailing the thought process behind stocks entered /exited.

The best part : You get access to ask all of your serious investing/ Trading queries to me . I try to answer within 24 hours or immediately.

If you want to follow along and invest with someone who has devised his unique investing strategies across multiple market cycles across multiple industries, then we at Sadhan Offers 3 plans to chose from under Sadhan Membership

SM1: The Multibagger Project

Investing Philosophy: Buy and Hold

Typical Examples: Shivalik Bimetal (17X), Balaji Amines (6X), Alkyl Amines (5X),Affle (4X), IndiaMart (3X)

Research Method: Bottom Up

Investing Timelines: 3 years

Here I share all of my Long Term High Conviction Ideas, as and when I buy/ sell them. These stocks are good for long term compounding and help in peacefully compounding through top quality stocks.

Annual Charges:

Rs 9,999 (1 year)

Rs 18,999 (2 year)

Rs 27,999( 3 year)

SM2 :Alpha Accelerator

Investing Philosophy: Buy stocks with POSITIVE earning surprise in business and or sector

Typical Examples: Titagarh Wagons (3X), RamKrishna Forgings (2X), Action Construction (2.5X), Deepak Fertiliser (11X), Adani Enterprise (10X)

Research Method: Top Down

Investing Timelines: 1 year

Here I share all of my Long Term High Conviction Ideas, as and when I buy/ sell them. These stocks are good for long term compounding and help in peacefully compounding through top quality stocks.

Annual Charges:

Rs 9,999 (1 year)

Rs 18,999 (2 years)

Rs 27,999( 3 years)

SM3 : Complete Sadhan Membership

This is for someone who not only wants to grow his/her wealth but also learn Investing alongside Amitabh Vatsya and Sadhan. This Membership gets all the above mentioned benefits under SM1 & SM2

Annual Charges:

Rs 14,999 (1 year) Worth Rs 19,998

Rs 24,999 (2 years) Worth Rs 38,998

Rs 39,999( 3 years) Worth Rs 55,998

How to Join

Step 1:
Please make an appropriate payment according to the plan you chose, to our Current Account

Ac Holder: Wealth Sutra
Ac no: 5113087504
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch: Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
IFSC Code: KKBK0004613

or you can Google Pay on +91 9999224715 (Amitabh Vatsya)

Step 2:
Share the receipt on 9999224715 (whatsapp) or mail .Post confirmation of payment, I will share my Portfolio with Members Exclusively on Whatsapp. Post which I will add you in Members only EXCLUSIVE whatsapp BROADCAST so that you start getting Transaction alerts on Whatsapp as and when I buy/sell stock. You have to execute the trade in order to get benefit from the Membership. You will start receiving Bought & Sold alert on Whatsapp with Price and Conviction level on real time basis with Amount , Stock Name , Purchase Price, Horizon & Conviction in the below mentioned format

For Example If I bought 20 nos of JSW Steel at Rs 700 oneday and I am Highly convinced about stock performance and holding it for Long term then I will message :

20: No of stocks

700: Trade Price

Reference :Conviction

SC: Strong Conviction

MC : Medium Conviction

LC : Low Conviction

Reference : Timeline

LT : Long Term( above 3 year)

MT : Medium Term( 1/2 yr to 3 yr)

ST: Short Term ( upto 6 months)

Similar process will be followed if I sell a stock.

Step 3:

SM1 Members can ask for 5-6 Compounding stocks ideas currently in Buy Zone as per my estimates.SM2 members can also ask for Interesting earning surprise candidates at worth investing at membership date (subject to availability)

Step 4 :

If you want an independent audit of your holdings by Amitabh Vatsya then you can share your existing portfolio on whatsapp where I may give my view on some/all of the stocks (as the case may be) to the best of my ability.

Step 5:

After closure of the month , I will send exclusive Premium Newsletter discussing my rationale of buying new stocks and selling old stocks, as the case may be ! This letter will encapsulate the updated portfolio with complete profile so that member can take a stock in one go.

Step 6:

Monthly/ Bimonthly we meet over Zoom for doubt clearing on stocks.

Post payment, reach us for GST Invoice over whtsapp with details of your business. If you have any query with respect to Sadhan membership then feel free to reach us at or whatsapp on 9999224715